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If you are searching for a Wholesale Mortgage Lender in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales or anywhere New Mexico, you need to search no more. Vision Mortgage is your one-stop mortgage lender website in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales, New Mexico.

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Vision Mortgage has been serving our mortgage clients in Albuquerque, New Mexico for over 15 years and are knowledgeable in aspects of the mortgage industry, including home purchases, refinances as well as FHA and VA Loans.

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We have the knowledge, skill and drive to be better than everyone else in the Albuquerque Mortgage Industry. Going “beyond all expectations” every time is the bar we set for ourselves, and what keeps our clients coming back. We are also fully educated and currently licensed with the National Mortgage Licensing System.

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  • 6 days ago by Vision Mortgage Group- NMLS #212022

    Vision Mortgage Group- NMLS #212022
    For those thinking about buying, now is truly the time! Rates are on the rise and home inventory is declining, which means what you can qualify for now may not be what you can qualify for down the road and that your options of homes to choose from will be getting slimmer. If you are on the fence, it may be time to look in to getting you and your family in to your dream home before it's too late.  For those debating on selling their current homes, there is no better time than now as there is not enough homes on the market to satisfy buyer demands. Homeowners that are putting their homes on the market are selling in a matter of days in some cases, and for top dollar! If you have been thinking of buying or selling, please call Vision Mortgage Group today and let us walk you through the process and be your one stop shop for all your real estate needs. We have been assisting clients in the state of New Mexico for over 15 years and we are here now ready to assist you as well. Call today!
    In brutal housing market, some buyers bid sight unseen
    3 hours ago 1
    Sight unseen!That is the stupidest thing I've heard!!One of the biggest purchases you will ever make!!!😔
    3 hours ago
    We agree, but unfortunately that’s how intense this market is becoming. Multiple offers are being made on homes days after they are listed so buyers feel pressured to put an offer in before even viewing the property, which is very interesting being that it truly is a big decision when it comes to purchasing a home. That’s why this article is more geared towards motivating potential sellers to sell as inventory is extremely low and they are getting top dollar for their home. On the flip side though, it’s becoming more difficult for buyers as they have less and less options w more competition out there.
  • 1 week ago by Vision Mortgage Group- NMLS #212022

    Vision Mortgage Group- NMLS #212022
    A big congratulations is in order for Mr.Herrera and his family. They just closed on their new house with utilizing Sergio’s VA eligibility and not being required to put any money down! We thank you for your service to our country Mr. Herrera and we hope you and your family make many happy memories in your new home. A big thanks to Dominic Sanchez with Prestige Real Estage for sending us another great veteran to work with. If you or someone you know have served in the military and are looking to do a home purchase or refinance, please call us today so VMG can help show you how we truly take care of our veterans and also help walk you through how to utilize your VA eligibility. Our VA mortgage programs offer “no closing costs” to our clients and some of the most aggressively low mortgage rates in the industry. Let us help get you and your family in to a new home with bringing no money to the closing table! Mo Marwan
    A big congratulations is in order for Mr.Herrera and his family. They
    1 week ago 1
    The benefits of being a veteran.....I hope millennials learn something from
    This post?!!!'n👍🙏🔫🗡serve your country !!
    1 week ago 1
    Absolutely! Especially when it comes to home buying, the VA definitely takes care of their veterans and those who have served for our country. There’s no better programs out there than VA mortgages👍🏼
    1 week ago 1
    Nice. Veterans deserve the best. Thank you Veterans.
    1 week ago
    Absolutely Eudelia. We agree 100%! ☺️
    1 week ago

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