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Interested in Getting A Smaller Payment on Your Jumbo Loan Albuquerque?
What’s a Jumbo Loan?

A Jumbo Loan is a mortgage option for loan amounts over the federally mandated conventional limit. Currently, the Jumbo loan limit is $417,000. However, Congress has recently approved changes that may get you a lower rate on some jumbo loans.

Jumbo loans are much more flexible than most people think. Here is a how a Jumbo loan can help you afford your home in that high cost area:

For a Jumbo Loan you don’t always need a down payment of 20 %. Based on your home, the market, and your finances, you can refinance your jumbo loan with less than 80% equity. Or, buy a home in a competitive market with as little as 10% down.

Did you know that FHA loans are available as a jumbo? Get up to 97% financing on your home with the new, higher FHA loan limits!

Jumbo loans can either be fixed-rate or have a mortgage rate that adjusts after a fixed period. An adjustable-rate mortgage can get you a smaller monthly payment. A fixed-rate mortgage can give you secure, fixed payments year after year.

With over 30 years of financial services experience between the two owners, Charles Davis and Mo Marwan will make your home buying and mortgage refinancing experience a pleasant one.


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